Summerphos P9

Summerphos P9 is a rain-resistant, ready-mixed phosphorus supplement for ruminants on green summerveld. It contains 9% phosphate (P), compared to a traditional 6% phosphate salt lick. Summerphos P9 contains a molasses by-product to increase palatability. The content of salt has been reduced to support higher intakes. This diet contains 16,5% protein, which serves as a rumen stimulant and digestion aid. The additional protein prolongs the usage of Summerphos P9 into the dry season as a transition lick. Trace elements that are crucial to enhance fertility have been added.


  • Rain-resistant.
  • Increases cow/ewe weight, reproductive performance, and calf/lamb performance on lush grazing.
  • Better condition score on animals entering the dry season which will result in 1) lower cost of overwintering; 2) higher rate of reconception in the following season; and 3) better weaning weights.
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