Production Lick

This is a ready-mixed protein, energy, and trace mineral production lick for supplementation of:

  1. Cows that are in a weak condition during the dry season, especially before calving when roughage sources are limited and the quality thereof is very low;
  2. Bulls and rams, as a steam-up ration from two months before the onset of the breeding season; and
  3. Heifers and young, growing bulls on low-quality grazing (winter veld).


  • Ideal product to achieve high growth rates for the rearing of the breeding herd (heifers) during the dry season.
  • Contains high-quality protein, energy, and trace minerals to achieve optimal growth under limiting grazing circumstances.
  • Stimulates the rumen to optimise the utilisation of low-quality grazing and roughage.
  • Supports condition of suckling cows in the dry season to improve weaning weights and conception rates at rebreeding.
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