Our story

More than just feed 

We have been supplying safe, high-quality feed to southern African livestock producers for over 80 years, using our unrivalled experience and expertise in this field to earn the trust of generations of farmers who bring wholesome meat, milk, and eggs to your table. We also supply a full range of technical services to our customers, including advice on nutrition, feeding programmes, animal husbandry, and production techniques.

Our commitment to optimal animal nutrition has made us the largest feed company in Africa and the leading supplier of innovative, high-performance feed solutions.

Our purpose is to scientifically and cost-effectively meet the requirements of modern farm animals, which require a scientifically balanced and expertly manufactured feed to perform to their genetic potential.

Meadow Feeds has technical agreements with the world’s leading animal nutrition companies, including Provimi and Cargill, to ensure that we stay abreast of the latest global developments in animal nutrition.

Our people proudly drive Meadow Feeds’ vision to deliver more than just feed throughout southern Africa. Our team of registered animal scientists provides on-farm technical support to ensure that the right feed is fed right for all stages of the animal’s lifecycle, whilst our nutritionists use the world’s foremost formulation software to optimise least-cost, balanced animal diets at a nutrient, rather than raw material, level.

Raw materials are sourced from accredited and rigorously approved suppliers who have partnered with Meadow Feeds to reduce risk and ensure consistent quality from the source. As an additional quality management step, all raw materials are analysed before receipt using Near-Infrared Spectrophotometry (NIR) to ensure that the product is of acceptable nutrient quality. 

Our national milling and mixing facilities incorporate automation and control systems that allow operators to precisely blend the right ingredients at the formulated inclusion level. 

We partner with proven logistics company, Hestony, to ensure that feed is delivered to our customer’s farms efficiently from our 7 strategically located mills and that the bio-security and traceability chain is maintained throughout.

As contributors to food producers, Meadow Feeds maintain good practice in feed production to ensure we play our role in food safety from farm to fork. Meadow Feeds incorporates quality assurance systems and a comprehensive risk management approach to ensure the safety, integrity, and traceability of our products. All our mills are ISO accredited as audited by the SABS. As members of the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA), whose mission is to ensure “Safe Feed for Safe Food”, we voluntarily comply with the association’s code of conduct as audited by Afri-Compliance annually.