Frequently asked questions

Do I feed a meal or pellet to my birds?

It depends on your type of system. If feeding on the ground, then pellets are better as birds can scratch and find feed. If feeding via feeders, then a meal is better as the birds can eat and wastage is reduced.

Table 1: Layers


Feed type

Bird age

Amount to feed

Pullet starter

Day 1 to 6 weeks

1,2 kg per bird (6-week period) ± 29 g/day

Pullet grower

Week 7 to week 18

6,5 kg per bird (12-week period) ± 78 g/day

Layer ration

Week 19 to cull

120 g/bird/day (caged) or 130 g/bird/day (on the ground)


Table 2: Broilers


Feed type

Bird age

Amount to feed

Broiler starter

Day 1 to day 17

0,6 kg/per bird (17 days) = 35 g/bird/day

Broiler grower

Day 18 to day 32

1,5 kg per bird (14 days) = 107 g/bird/day

Broiler finisher

Day 32 to slaughter

1,5 kg up to day 42 (150 g/bird/day), then 1,1 kg up to day 49 (157g/bird/day)


Yes, a person can open an account with Meadow Feeds by completing the required application form and submitting the required financial documents. Your local technical advisor or sales office will be able to assist in the process.

Contact your technical advisor or the sales office and they will provide you with a quote. The quoted amount needs to be paid before the order can be collected or delivered.

Delivery times differ at each mill. Please contact the Meadow Feeds branch in your region or visit your closest stockist.

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