Multimix 40 Concentrate

Multimix 40 Concentrate is an NPN-free protein trace mineral concentrate to be used to home mix:

  1. Energy licks;
  2. Sheep maintenance protein licks;
  3. Beef maintenance protein licks;
  4. Production licks for sheep; and
  5. Production licks for beef.

Mixtures 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 contain non-protein nitrogen (NPN) sources. Mix and feed strictly according to mixing instructions. See NPN warning for more information.


  • More than just a high protein concentrate; contains vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals.
  • High-quality protein concentrate.
  • Versatile and allows formulation of energy licks, protein licks, production licks, and complete feeds.
  • Can be used for sheep and cattle.
  • Contains no urea, only natural protein.
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