Elite Sheep 33 Concentrate

Elite Sheep 33 Concentrate is a concentrate for the home-mixing of licks for sheep. Elite Sheep 33 Concentrate has been developed to provide the best possible protein balance in licks for sheep. It contains relatively low levels of urea and high levels of natural proteins. It is high in bypass protein and especially rich in the essential amino acids methionine and lysine. Due to its unique protein balance, Elite Sheep 33 Concentrate will achieve excellent results when used in licks for growing sheep and ewes in late gestation or lactatiion. Wool breeds will benefit greatly from the composition of this product.


  • Contains low levels of urea.
  • Contains high levels of natural proteins.
  • Can be used in maintenance and production licks for sheep.
  • Unique protein balance will achieve excellent results in pregnant or lactating ewes.
  • Supports wool production.
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