Deli-Co Butchery (Riebeek Kasteel) Testimonial

Meadow Feeds is a proud supplier of feed to Deli-Co, a family owned butchery with a passion for people – a small business with a big heart. Whether they are processing meat, dealing with customers or negotiating with suppliers, Deli-Co Farmstyle Family Butchery always abides by Ma Susan’s words of wisdom: “Alles in liefde” which means to “do all things in love”.

Located just outside the quaint little town of Riebeek Kasteel, Deli-Co Farmstyle Family Butchery is a trusted supplier of meat products to supermarkets, restaurants and butcheries nationwide. As the 5th generation of Truter’s on the farm, they have an innate love of quality meats, farming and animals, and they consider it a privilege to share their meat products with families across South Africa.

Meadow Feeds

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