Reading the health clues in chicken manure

Reading the health clues in chicken manure

Gay Boomgaard, Meadow Feeds Divisional Technical Manager: Poultry, shares some tips on reading the health clues in chicken manure. Chicken manure is a useful indicator of flock health and can serve as an early warning sign of disease. Therefore, it is important to know what healthy manure looks like. Since manure can show early signs of disease, keeping a close eye on the chickens’ manure condition can lead to earlier diagnosis and quarantine which can prevent the spread of infection before the disease becomes too severe.

In this podcast Gay also discusses:

  • The role of the ceacum and what caecal droppings reveal about chicken health;
  • The specific information that can be obtained from changes in feacal colour and consistency; and
  • Other factors to take into account when diagnosing birds.

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Gay Boomgaard