Beefbooster 18 – The Profit Generator

Have you recently wondered how to keep the escalating production cost of a beef or sheep herd under control? Well, have a look at this!

Recent data, collected from our customers has shown that Beefbooster 18 truly can be called the profit generator. With very little additional effort, the use of this product can generate sufficient funds for the maintenance of the entire herd!

Take a herd of 100 cows with a calving percentage of 80% of which 20% of the heifers are selected to join the breeding herd . Normally the weaners are sold and that is basically the income from the herd.

If those weaners are carried over to the next season (from May to October) on a maintenance lick, and then be fed on summerveld on Beefbooster 18 – This is what it looks like:


Now will be a good time to select 20 heifers to the breeding herd. The rest (60) can be sold and THE ADDITIONAL GROWTH will yield the following income:

60 x R888,75 = R53 325. Remember this is only the added weight gain (135kg/animal). The profit on the calf has not been touched yet.

To put this in perspective, let us look at the worst case scenario – cost of feed on a 100 cow herd + all calves including replacement heifers:


Production lick supplementation (dry month)


Summer supplementation:


Rearing selected heifers on Beefbooster 18 (for better reconception)


Profit from feeding Beefbooster 18 after total feedcost for the entire herd for one year has been paid for: R 20 788

Which could still provide for: 2 labourers for a year, or Veterinary expenses, etc.

Remember, this was generated from the additional growth of feeding all sellable calves for 90 days. The initial carcass weight of the calf (before feeding Beefbooster 18) still remains to be taken as an annual profit. This product is also suited for sheep and rearing of dairy heifers.

Date published: 2006-02-17

Author: N/A

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