Operation H-2-g0

During the festive season, the effects of the drought were highlighted, with calls for South Africans to assist by dropping off water in certain towns between the Western Cape and Gauteng on their way home from holiday.

Meadow Feeds heeded these calls and investigated the best way to support Operation Hydrate. We received a request from Bertus Gribenouw at Water Shortages SA to send water to Louis Trichardt. Meadow Feeds purchased 1700 x 25 litre water drums which were then filled at Meadow Feeds Randfontein. Belloord provided the staff to fill and deliver the bottles to Louis Trichardt, and the transport costs were covered by Barloworld.

On 1 March 2016, in a joint operation with Belloord and Barloworld, 33 000 litres of water was delivered to the drop off point in Louis Trichardt. Willie van Zyl and Gerhard de Villiers, technical advisers from the Central Region, were in Louis Trichardt to assist with the off-loading and help with the distribution of the water.

Brian du Plooy from Montimart, who was arranging the distribution of the water in the area, said in his letter of thanks to Meadow Feeds, “You can’t imagine what it means to people in our rural area to get clean water to drink.”

Meadow Feeds is currently busy with a few other projects to assist the farmers who are battling with the worst conditions seen in over 30 years.