Meadow Feeds Clearwater – Hlanganani Christmas Party

The staff and friends of Meadow Feeds Clearwater sponsored a party for the Hlanganani orphans on the 1 December 13. Some of the children have been placed with members of the community or relatives but most are living on their own in Diepsloot. Chemique, one of our suppliers, have created a program Hlanganani under the auspices of their church to assist these orphans and have created a small community run by strong Christiaan principles and rules. The church pays carers to assist with the care of the children who all have to attend school and church to remain on the program. They meet every Saturday to get assistance with school work and to meet with mentors from the church.

The Children were treated to a magic show and a party followed by a super lunch of chicken Prego’s and cold drink. Every child was given a Santa Shoebox and went home with a food parcel to help them through the festive season.