Meadow Feeds assists the NSPCA

Meadow Feeds came to the assistance of 74 horses that were removed from the South African Army Special Infantry Capability (SAASIC) Unit in Potchefstroom of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). We provided the NSPCA with feed, lick blocks and expertise from our experienced nutritionist to ensure that the condition of the horses would improve and that their nutritional needs were met at no cost to the NSPCA.

“We simply cannot put into words our gratitude to Meadow Feeds for their ongoing support. At a critical time for our economy and the limited resources of the NSPCA, we would simply not have been able to feed 74 horses without this generous assistance from Meadow Feeds” said Marcelle Meredith, NSPCA Executive Director.
“The horses have improved in condition and some have already gone to their new homes, others are still available for adoption. Meadow Feeds has always in the past been there for the animals and the NSPCA and we are sincerely grateful for their continued support.”